At Rally Packaging, we offer you a range of packaging solutions to fit your requirements. Take a look at our products below.

Our Products

Universal Type Cartons

Known as regular or universal type cartons, the cartons are ideal for transporting retail products and moving goods. At Rally Packaging, we manufacture universal cartons using 3’ ply or 5�...

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Die Cut Cartons

We custom manufacture quality die cut cartons to suit any of your packaging requirements. Commonly used for food and fruits storage and transportation, our cartons are made from 3’ ply or ...

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Hanger Pack Cartons

Comes in 3-ply & 5-ply with angular or circular shapes Hanger pack cartons are ideal for transportation of garments and laundry without any hassle. All our hanger pack carton solutions c...

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Laminated Cartons

With our high-end technology, we are capable of manufacturing laminated cartons in various colours and sizes to meet your requirements. Made from 3’ ply or 5’ ply the cartons features a ...

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Top And Bottom Cartons

Our top and bottom cartons can be modified with custom prints in five colours and assure you a quality product every time. The box comes in two parts can be ordered in two sizes and is suita...

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Telescopic Type Cartons

Made of high-quality materials utilizing the latest technology, we offer customizable telescopic boxes to meet your requirements. Providing you with 5 different colours to choose from, custo...

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